The 5th Wave Review

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

I have not read much Sci-Fi novels besides The Lux Series by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout which left a mark on me. 


So after reading another sci-fi novel that talks about alien invasion I was really amazed in how it was written, it felt almost realistic and terrifying at the same time while reading this book and it was so far one of the most remarkable novels that Ive read and it was totally worth reading. 

I got bored in the first few chapters because I thought Cassie the protagonist of the story was only meant to talk about her past and I was kind of skimming through the pages, waiting for something new to happen. But then i love how the pacing of the story increases into getting really intense considering how their world is now full of Aliens because of the waves that hit the earth; 1st wave: Lights out, 2nd wave: Surfs Up, 3rd wave: Pestilence, and 4th wave: Silencer. Cassie can't just trust anyone because Aliens from this story have taken the form of human bodies.


I adored all the characters especially Cassie because of her strong spirit and determination even when everyone in her life have already perished away and yet she still keeps going, determined to save her 'kidnapped' brother. 

She also meets Evan Walker, a mysterious guy who's also known as a hunter, he eventually found Cassie from the snowbank, saved her and took care of her. 

He did develop feelings for Cassie after a while and the whole romance was really unexpected and quite astonishing. Yes I love when a book has a combination of romance but I just did not expect to find it in this book which was a WOW for me but I loved it anyways although I wish they got to know each other more. 

There's also Ben Parish who's addressed as Zombie and whose point of view was also written in the story and he's basically trained to become a soldier and fight aliens. Him and Cassie knows each other but not in a close way. Both him and Cassie's point of view are important in the story because you get to know what's actually going on and what's about to happen. 


I have to admit that this story was well-written especially in Cassie's POV, I found myself bawling several times when she had to suffer seeing important people in her life dying and it was just devastating. And also, "METAPHORS", I l really love metaphors and in this book there was a lot of meaningful and touching metaphors from each end of the chapters and it was truly unforgettable and it gives more strong definition towards the main characters. 

I agree that this book deserves to have a movie adaptation and i'm highly anticipating for it in 2016. :))