Hush Hush Series Review


Hush Hush series is written by Becca Fitzpatrick and it consists of 4 sequels.


Hush Hush is probably one of my top favorite series, it has a mysterious vibe into it but a captivating storyline which would likely make you want to delve into it and know more.

When I started reading the first sequel, it was kind of complicated to comprehend what was actually going on especially in the beginning because there were scenes that would make you question certain things like what Cheshvan means and why was this occasion significant for the fallen angels? However, as the story goes everything would make sense and clear eventually. It took me not even a day to finish the first book, not to brag about it but the characters was what made me feel really attached to this story and so caught up. I really like how this story started off really compelling and continued to be more intense and suspenseful considering Nora's curiosity of Patch's history and his life and being haunted by mysterious and dark occurrences that caused her to suspect what Patch is really hiding.


Other than that, I love how Patch displays a very charismatic and irresistible role which would absolutely make any girl swoon for him with the exception of Nora at the beginning since Nora is not the type of girl who would fall easily for someone which is one of the most admirable thing about her and as much as she tries hard not to develop feelings towards Patch she finds it impossible to avoid him since he always appears everywhere she goes.


I did love all the sequels but I had some mixed feelings about Crescendo, I was really frustrated when Nora acted overly sensitive and misjudged Patch without knowing what was truly going on. She overly reacted and went too far, being impulsive without considering Patch's perspective and his feeling which kind of irked me. This prevented me to focus straight on other major things that was happening throughout the story, worrying if and when Nora and Patch would settle their complications with each other.


In the 3rd book which is "Silence", Nora finds herself in the cemetery without remembering a single thing which leads her into deep curiosity, desperate to search for her missing past of what happened to her before she found herself lying in the cemetery.  The story was so far alright, I have to admit I prefer it better than the 2nd book, I like how things were at fast and smoother pace and things got more exciting as the main characters faced dangerous situations in their lives and they needed to make the right decision in order to overcome the set of obstacles that thwarts their mission. 


Finally, the last book which is called "Finale" got me feeling emotional towards some  scenes and I felt quite anxious in how the story is going to conclude. But overall, it provided lots of suspense and a thrilling plot in which the major characters are fraught with peril.

Nora needed to handle the pressure that's kinda outweighed her especially when she's expected to choose a side between her kind which is the nephilim or stand by her boyfriend's side who is a fallen angel. And other than that, she needs to find a way to stop the war without breaking her oath which can outcome her life to death.

I was also impressed in how Nora was finally manage to master her own abilities with the help of people who are willing to stand and fight by her side especially Patch and her friends Scott and Vee to win and stop the war that's expected to occur on Cheshvan. They need to come up with a plan and decide wisely in how they can prevent war from happening and store peace between the nephilims and fallen angels.


Overall, the whole series was enthralling and I really enjoyed it. I would highly suggest it to anyone who's a big fan of fallen angels or paranormal fantasy stuffs.