The Lux Series Review



I already fell inlove after reading the first book and I have to rush my way in the bookstore to purchase the next sequels because I just love how the whole story is well organized and amazingly plotted. Moreover I was also enamored with all of the characters' personalities especially Katy Swartz, which I admire for her audacity, she is the kind of girl who fights back and doesn't let underestimate her. She is also the type of character I can deeply relate to such as her ultimate passion for books, mainly the paranormal fantasy ones. Katy's character's aspect demonstrates how women can be strong as much as men are from both inside and outside and not all women are defined weak.


Another significant character that I've admire throughout the story is Daemon Black. He can be over protective, straightforward and expresses an attitude but inside he's actually more than that, he cares about his family and is willing to take risks in order to keep his love ones safe like Dee which is why he doesn't want her getting too attached and involved with humans which can risk them to exposure of their true nature and worse, humans who know of their true nature and their abilities would suffer from consequences.


Katy and Daemon's unique relationship really inspired me and although it took them some time before they officially end up together, both of them displayed an impressive and powerful chemistry which was truly touching and heart flattering and I wouldn't deny Jennifer Armentrout's creative writing of how she expressed the characters' thoughts and feelings for each other passionately which made everything imaginative or seemingly real. Not to mention the steamy kissing scenes they both had which you would undoubt read over and over again. It would leave you totally speechless and mind-blown in your sit.

Apart from that, I also love how both of them works together as a team when it comes to confronting any types of dangers that would affect their lives yet neither of them refuses to surrender or back out when it comes to protecting one another.


Overall the story line of the whole series was really interesting and I would give it a 5 out of 5 star considering how there's more parts or story and characters added into the plot to make everything more intense and intriguing like how the characters have to deal with different kinds of enemies and a surmount the obstacles in their way and dangers to save the important people in their lives.


This series contains a total of 6 books including the prequel "Shadows". I highly recommend you to read this book, it's the type of book where you wont be able to stop reading even if you finish the whole thing.