A Cold Legacy Book Review

A Cold Legacy (Madman's Daughter) - Megan Shepherd

Megan Sheperd did a fantastic job of wrapping things up in this final installment.

The plot had gotten more intense and suspenseful as Juliet and her friends escape from London to live in a new place out of danger, after killing all the men partaking in the King's Club who have been planning on replicating Juliet's father's research, using it for evil and inhumane purposes. However, as they relocate to an estate owned by Elizabeth Von Stein, they are yet faced with another set of mysteries that would change their lives--Juliette's life. As Juliette is met with another type of danger, bigger than what she faced during her time in her father's island. She struggles to make a choice after being introduced to another kind of scientific experimentation and uncovering the secret passageways . Juliet is forced to choose between whats right and wrong and which side she would stand and follow. 


I really admired all the characters, they have such strong qualities in them that make them fully remarkable. So far it did a great job of keeping me at the edge of my seat as more truths got revealed in the way and as everything comes into conclusion.