Landline (Book Review)

Landline: A Novel - Rainbow Rowell

I'd come to really admire Rainbow Rowell's works. Her books just fascinate me and her characters are so relatable and remarkable. They remind you of yourself and your life as a teenager. In this novel, Rowell introduces us a story about a woman named Georgie who has a quite complicated relationship with her husband, Neal and she's determined to settle things in their relationship. When Neal and their kids leave for Omaha to celebrate Christmas, Georgie is left alone to do her job as a TV writer along with Seth who's basically her long time best friend. When Georgie visits her mom's place for dinner, she then finds a rotary phone hidden in her closet. As soon as she uses the phone to contact her husband, she discovers that the phone isn't just any ordinary phone. Instead of talking with the present Neal, she happens to communicate with the past Neal which eventually made her feel happy. Georgie also thought its probably an opportunity given to her to fix her relationship with Neal.


It has such a unique love story and so far it was both heart-gripping and heart wrenching as Georgie struggles with her relationship and her life. It really touched me deep down the core especially when she gets to communicate with Neal from the past which I find really endearing. I find the magical phone aspect really cool and I thought that's what mostly made the whole story a little more unique and interesting. It also brings a life story lesson that life wouldn't be easy later on, just like Georgie who explained what life is like after having a family and eventually you'll just have to fight for what's worth. The characters may not be relatable but they demonstrate a relationship quite similar to some married couples out there which overall makes the whole story feel more realistic.