Asylum Review

Asylum - Madeleine Roux

I've made a review of this book in Goodreads and I thought of expressing my full opinion in regards to this amazing and spine-chilling novel.

Apparently this book is the first installment for the Asylum trilogy and it takes place in a former Asylum called Brooklines which had been renovated and changed as a dorm. We have our main characters; Daniel, Abby and Jordan who eventually became friends.

During their stay in the dorms, they discover a basement that keeps the history of the place they're staying in. They found out it was an Asylum for mentally ill people, mostly people who've been suspects in murdering and doing bad things.

As soon as they discover the hidden history about the place, they also find out that they were somehow connected to the place. They were haunted by dreams and ghosts of the place, leading them to find and solve the answers.

I really enjoyed reading it, it successfully thrilled me, sending me goosebumps everywhere. I love the eerie atmosphere it sets for the readers as it drags you along with the main characters. I love the mystery aspect, it did a great job of making the whole story gripping with thrill and tension. It will mindblow you in some parts and keep you at the edge of your seats.