Black Ice Review

Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

I gave this book a 3.5/4 out of 5 star just because it felt like watching a movie while reading this book and aside from that I didn't have much issues with this book except with the slow pace and some of the aspects from the characters which I find quite irritating. There was also an interesting foreshadow at the beginning of the story where Britt pretends that Mason is her boyfriend infront of her ex Calvin. Mason then agreed to pretend along with Britt to prove that Calvin was mistaken about Britt not actually having a boyfriend. There was a strange vibe in this part as it foreshadows that something unexpected or bad is going to happen.


Basically, It's about these 2 bestfriends Britt and Korbie who's planning to camp at Teton Range for fun or leisure. Then as the snow suddenly hits the road, they got stranded and they decided they needed a place to stay. 

So then Britt managed to find a cabin nearby and encounters 2 guys who happily welcomed them to stay with them for the night. 

After a while, we learn that these 2 men are actually fugitives and they threatened Britt to lead them to their destination. However, one of the bad guys whose name is Mason showed concern to Britt which made her question if whether he's actually a bad guy or not.


The whole concept of the story mostly involved trust and survival and it successfully displayed a suspenseful and mysterious atmosphere.

The plot twist or irony is what really intrigued me the most, there was a development rise within the plot and the characters and it made the whole scene gripping and tensing when a lot of actions came into play especially in the near end. 


Like what I said, there were some certain aspects from the characters that irked me like how the main character (Britt) is so dependent and indecisive that I find her character rather complicated to understand and connect with. Same with Korbie who jumps into another guy that she doesn't know when she has a boyfriend already. Like wtf?! I somehow felt like choking her to snap out of it. Meanwhile I didn't really have issues with  Mason the mysterious guy from the story, he's quiet and shows compassion at times. Other than that the settings is what made the pacing quite slow that I just felt like skimming through the pages. 

Overall, the story was good however not great. In the end they all learned lessons in life after the incident and this is what caused some changes in the characters' lives as they became stronger and more independent.