White Hot Kiss Review

White Hot Kiss - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Armentrout's books are beyond amazing. I love how she's able to combine different kinds of elements and make the whole story phenomenal and heart-gripping. This is apparently the first book for The Dark Elements series.


The premise of this book really intrigued me as I explore another reality that introduced different types of creatures. It mostly involves demons and gargoyles.

Layla the main character is a half demon and half gargoyle or what they call the Wardens and she's basically raised by them. She also has a huge crush towards Zayne her best friend who's a pure gargoyle. Besides that, Layla has the ability to suck in someone's soul by a kiss and identify what type of creature is that certain person and if someone's soul is pure or not. (I can kinda relate this part to Sweet Evil's heroine)

There's also Roth who's an upper-class demon. His mission is to follow Layla and protect her from the demons who try to attack and capture her for a reason.

Layla's life is in danger and when she found out from Roth who she really is and why demons seem to like to capture her, she and Roth teamed up on finding the one object that would stop the demons of succeeding with their main objective. 

Apparently, as Roth and Layla spend much time together,they find themselves drawn to each other considering Roth is Layla's first kiss. I really admire their chemistry and how they work together. Whenever something bad happens to Layla, Roth is always there for her and succeeds in making her happy. Not to mention when Layla got almost killed by Petr who despises her, Roth and his snake tattoo Bambi came to help and rescue Layla. Roth then brings Layla to his apartment to treat her wounds and injuries.

I love the part where he introduced her to his 3 adorable little kittens (I forgot their names). And he also took her up to his garden because Roth loves gardening. I find the whole scene really mesmerizing to read, it feels as if Roth is showing her the other and brighter side of his world. 


Again, Jennifer Armentrout really did a great job of writing this story that brings out a lot of emotions from the readers. I love how she creates the characters and makes them so memorable and relatable at some point. The character's aspects, settings and plot developments were also wonderful which put an impact to the story. I felt amazed delving into a different kind of fantasy or reality and I'm looking forward of buying the 2nd book titled as "Stone Cold Touch".