The Evolution of Mara Dyer Review

The Evolution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin

This sequel was really intense and I cant even put it to words of how im going to explain this book. 


So Mara eventually finds herself in a mental hospital after she passed out when she undoubtedly spotted Jude nearby the Police station.

Unfortunately no one believes her of what she said except for Noah. Mara's mom decided to send Mara to this school filled with people suffering from different kinds of mental state. She also sees her long-time-no-see friend Jamie which caused her a feeling of great relief knowing she is not alone.

Mara also comes up with a plan of how she can convince her parents that she is not mentally ill anymore and have stop receiving delusions or hallucinations.

Mara is also being haunted by dreams of memories of her grandmother who has also the same ability as her. 

This book will totally blow your mind away to outer space as you unravel the mysteries behind and the purpose of their strange abilities. 

Noah who loves Mara and believes in her, helps her to piece things together and protect her from Jude who is haunting Mara and trying to threaten her as he seeks vengeance for his sisters demise. 


In addition, Mara and Noahs relationship was so breathtaking, their relationship eventually got more intense and steamy especially at the beach which Noah organized himself as a belated present for Mara oh my God! I definitely want a Noah Shaw in my life. Gasps! because the whole scene was beyond wonderful and amazing. 


This book effectively brought a very suspenseful mood which apparently gave me the chills and goosebumps, and most parts were really freaky and shocking as Mara faces several threats in her life.

I have a feeling that the last book for this trilogy would be even more intense and im highly anticipating for its release on Nov.4. I recommend this for people who loves paranormal fantasy and mystery, you wont regret it and its definitely a worth-read.