The One Review

The One - Kiera Cass

I just recently finished reading the whole trilogy and it has an amazing love story in it and I was quite amused of how their society works. 


In the last book, they were all down to 6 or 5 girls and one of them in the end will be Prince Maxon's bride. Unfortunately a lot of rebel attacks from different groups occured, although we learn from this book that each groups have different motives. Southern rebels want the castes destroyed and lead the whole society instead while Norther Rebels only wants to take claim of the book about Illea's history. So apparently Northern rebels are the peaceful group and never intended to cause harm. 

They also vote for America to become Maxon's wife for they admire her for her compassion and audacity which the other women failed at showing. 


As Maxon and America's relationship develops more, a part of them still feels doubtful and neither of them is reluctant of confessing first especially America who is also struggling to tell Aspen that she no longer has feelings for him. 

Eventually the girls finally open up and made friends with each other, knowing where they stand and prepared to accept whoever would be Maxon's choice as his wife and the new Queen. 


Overall, I love how everything in this book seem organized, and how the pacing was stable. I thought it was going to be confusing at first because of the established castes they have, what each castes mean and how they work.

It was a nice story wherein making wise decisions can change and affect their lives.

I really hated the King's cruelty and how ignorant he is. As stated from on of America's lines that he is indeed a power hungry. He's also very controlling unlike the Queen who shows a little bit of concern and consideration. America displayed a great example of a true woman by simply being herself and defending others who she believes dont deserve to be punished. She puts herself first before others and brings true justice which I find impressing.

I can't imagine living in this kind of world where in everyone has castes or ranks they belong to which pretty much makes everyone unequal and pityful especially bottom castes such as 6,7, and 8 struggles with their life of having a nice lifestyle and stable family for they face the difficulty of being paid less.