The Infinite Sea Review

The Infinite Sea - Rick Yancey

The 2nd sequel for 5th Wave is yet another fascinating story, the plot rise did a successful job although pacing was stable. I love the story's aspect, how you get to know more about the characters and their past, mainly Ringer and Poundcake's. Giving us a important glimpses of the difficulties they've experienced in their lives before and what changed them into stronger individuals. 


After all of them made their way out from Camp Haven, they struggled living their lives hiding in an old hotel where there were rats everywhere. Ringer decided to depart for a few days to search for something important.


This leaves Ben, Cassie, Dumbo, Sam, Poundcake, and Teacup together as they wait for Ringer to comeback.

Cassie still clings of  the hope that Evan Walker will find her one day to fulfill his promise in which he actually did later on. He went through risky situations and struggled escaping from Grace who is apparently like him and suspicious that Evan was hiding something big from her . 


I was really happy and relieved to see Evan alive and was even more delighted when him and Cassie reunited again. Unfortunately, Evan continues to suffer from the major injuries that he received after blowing up Camp Haven, and his 12 system crashed so its probable for him to die but he doesn't which is a relief


This story involved a lot of survival instincts and this made me feel impressed with how the characters handle the situations using their instincts and how they propel themselves to go forward through tough situations and become more valiant. I thought this was one aspect that I admire most from the characters in the story and which brought them strength in their lives as they work together. 

The deeper you dive into this book, the more secrets and shocking information you'll find that will blow your mind, which is why I find it hard to stop reading. 


Later on, the whole POV shifts to Ringer's, she was basically kidnapped and brought in another camp where Vosch continues his evil plots. Ringer meets Razor and later on he helps Ringer escape Vosch's territory along with Teacup. 


The end was quite a cliffhanger so I'm anticipating for the 3rd book but overall this 2nd sequel was great and mindblowing.