Mortal Instruments Series Review

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass - Cassandra Clare

I honestly have no words for Cassandra Clare, she is one heck of a magician when it comes to writing her books. I admire her aspect of writing, how she has multiple of creative ideas to write down. I also find it amusing how her story has full of humour into it which apparently makes her characters admirable in a way and the story's atmosphere comedic. 

I love how she plots the story and doesn't only focus in one subject matter. 


Mortal Instruments basically has a complex storyline that readers would definitely find intriguing and would make them desperate to know more. 

Reading the whole series felt like discovering and diving into a different world or reality that would make you want to stay and read the story incessantly. 

The story did have some weird plot twists especially in the beginning which flustered me and there were certain parts that would literally throw you off from your seat in both good and bad ways. 

At first I thought the whole story only involved shadowhunters and demons but there were more creatures that took part throughout the series such as werewolves, vampires and faeries which I find more compelling. The story's development gradually increased and became better than I expected, making everything more intense and powerful as the main characters confronted tough challenges that surrounded their lives.


I also love the vitality and audacity of the characters in Mortal Instruments. Each of them prove that they're capable of something to protect the ones that they love. Take Jace Herondale for example, the bravery and courage he displays in his role to save the significant people in his life against the dark and evil forces. 


Not to mention, there were also homosexual scenes and romance between some of the characters which I find new and amusing and don't get me wrong, I may not be a fan of homosexual matters but doesn't mean I don't support them. This is one of the many things I found unique about the series, there's multiplex relationship going on.


Cassie makes everything seemingly real and different the moment you start reading her stories, it brings a great atmosphere to the readers considering how a bunch of different things exist in her books without the occurrence of cliches.