Sweet Peril Review

Sweet Peril - Wendy Higgins

I actually liked this sequel better than the first book. Anna and Kaidan's relationship's finally got official. There were a lot of steamy and romantic scenes between them and I just can't drop the book. I love how Kaidan chases her in the airport and finally took the courage of spending the time with her before its too late. 

I also love how this sequel sets off a more suspenseful mood compared to the first book and the characters' development improved a lot. 

I love how Anna became much stronger throughout the story and had demonstrated bravery protecting and defending the people that she loves. She might not be that innocent anymore compared to the first book but she keeps her limits and at the same time she continues showing compassion towards the other people. 

So overall, this sequel got me really excited because it had more suspense and action in it and a strong plot development.