Wrecked Review

Wrecked - Anna Davies

I just finished the book recently and I wont be saying much cause there's basically not much to say about this book. I honestly found it a bit lacking and the romance scenes didn't really do a great job

The setting stayed at one area and the character's didn't really grow on me. Dont get me wrong, I like how this book is different from the rest that Ive read and it's my first time reading a book about mermaids tho it didn't quite end well and it wasn't really worth that much time. 


The book is about this girl getting rescued by a merman who falls in love with her throughout the story. The shipwreck was all set up by the sea witch named Sephie and she wanted to get Miranda's soul and by doing so, she orders Christian to kill her in exchange for his sparing his own life. 


Overall, the book wasn't bad but it could've done a better job by adding more mystery that would provide lots of reactions for the readers and also romance scenes that would captivate readers hearts.